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Private Golf Lessons

PGA Professional Daniel Richie has many years of teaching golf and professional playing experience.  He studied and analyzed the golf swing at Coastal Carolina University and his students include several club champions and stand-out junior golfers.

Successful Golf Lessons – Daniel Richie’s Teaching Philosophy:
My philosophy is to teach my students the art of playing the game of golf.

Playing the game correctly starts with the fundamentals such as grip, aim, posture, and set-up. Once a student is fundamentally sound, this is when he or she can learn different shots and become a player of the game.  Playing the game involves learning how to draw or fade a drive, hitting a beautiful bunker shot, and have a pre-shot routine to ensure you consistently make those three-foot putts.

Approach to Teaching:
The key to a successful golf lesson is the comfort and communication between student and teacher.  Each person has their own style of learning and my experience has given me the skill to understand how to communicate with each student so we can maximize their potential.

I also believe in maintaining a fun and entertaining atmosphere while teaching.  Golf is a game and we must always remember that.  I sincerely enjoy seeing my students improving and becoming better golfers.  Your potential is my passion.