Read this before you create that crypto launchpad

NFTs have become famous in 2021 to a great degree, which happens to be a breakthrough season. It’s still continuing in the direct future. Witnessing such huge recognition and prominence of NFTs has provided a great deal more possibilities to enjoy and relish positive aspects in every aspect.

Undoubtedly, the interests of NFTs are spiking. Indeed, the trading volume has significantly soared. That’s, in comparison to the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2021 and the very first quarter (Q1) of 2022, the surge percentage is 17.9. Hence, taking a huge leap into the NFT market is going to give a good advantage. Asking yourself exactly how to? Here is the content that provides insights on an crypto launchpad development – what it is about alongside its features, benefits, and functionality. Go through!

Crypto Launchpad Development – What’s It About?

Beginning with what an crypto launchpad is. It’s a crowdfunding platform, an ecosystem for entitling startups, and entrepreneurs are able to use it by showcasing their NFT projects, that must be performed by minting their NFTs and introducing them on the market.

The investors are able to be through available NFT projects and purchase the token at a minimum price. One significant factor is the fact that the first investors will have the ability to get the benefit of an impressive return on investment. Therefore, it supports new NFT projects to get to the worldwide market, reaching out to a broader audience base.

Read this before you create that NFT launchpad 

Here is the way the crypto launchpad will function

  • The NFT creators that wish to list the projects of theirs on the crypto launchpad must specify information that is necessary like a project explanation along with other requisites.
  • Thereafter, the tasks will be confirmed by the staff. The verification process includes the project development program, etc, implementation plan.
  • If projects have passed the verification test, these will probably be mentioned on the platform, that will after that be for investors to invest in.
  • When potential investors such as the task, they are able to stake the crypto. On a significant mention, the quantity of cryptocurrency to stake will be identified by the NFT creators.
  • The odds are better for all those with probably the highest bid. Or perhaps else through a good lottery. Prior to the NFTs are minted, the original sale happens.
  • Soon after the original purchase receives over, the lottery system is necessary. All those who win will get the tokens.

Capabilities of an NFT Launchpad

  • Just like an NFT marketplace, crypto launchpad needs a storefront that’s necessary for showcasing the crypto projects. The details are shown regarding the exact same. This would add a name, description, and which category it’ll belong to. Alongside, the condition is shown, like whether the project is productive or perhaps not.
  • The NFT creators have to pick what fundraising strategy they’re planning to work with. A couple of the fundraising choices which the crypto launchpad supports are Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), Initial NFT Offering (INO), and Initial Dex Offering (IDO), etc.
  • The payment gateway integration makes sure to handle their payment options available, with the assistance of each fiat and cryptocurrencies currencies.
  • Any people, before participating in the group sales, have to finish the KYC verification. This’s to be able to completely eliminate fraudulent activities, criminal funding, and money laundering.
  • Through a crypto wallet integration, the people or maybe consumers need to authorize via a wallet. This may be anything as Coinbase, Alpha Wallet, Enjin, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, etc. This’s much more requisite to use the launchpad.

Let us look at the advantages of the NFT launchpad

Reach that is global Among Target Audiences – The NFT launchpad entitles NFT creators to buy their NFT projects a broader access amongst the target viewers worldwide. The profile of the project is going to drive a strategy to create visibility and awareness.

Instant Liquidity – The project portfolio pulling more interest leads to creating additional NFT trades. Thereby, instant liquidity is guaranteed. That’s, the visitors on the NFT launchpad increases therefore the quantity of NFT trades will improve gradually, ultimately leading to instantaneous liquidity.

Read this before you create that NFT launchpad 

Royalty – It’s become quite an efficient and easy method for NFT creators/owners to provide users loyalty rewards. Significantly, the NFT launchpad offers royalty for the NFT tasks which have been listed.

Fair Distribution Of NFTs During the Token Offerings – The NFT distribution is completely according to the lottery process where every person is provided equal chances. Or perhaps different, the odds is offered based on the quantity of cryptocurrencies they’ve staked. That’s, the more cryptos they’ve staked, they’ll probably get the possibility of winning NFTs.

Ever-Lasting Success – The earlier NFT sale is quite useful. To be able to engage in the first purchase of NFTs, the prospective investors have to buy the platform ‘s native token. Next, they are going to receive a ticket to make involvement in the revenue. In the situation of the launchpad being extremely common, the worth of the indigenous token skyrockets.

And also, the gains put on, as NFT creators and also investors will have the ability to harness benefits when using the NFT launchpad.

How In order to Develop Your NFT Launchpad?

Custom development is going to be a brilliant choice rather than outreaching NFT launchpad advancement from the starting. Indeed, a custom built you are only a white label remedy, that is pre made with features encompassed with a performance of a regular launchpad for NFT projects.

INORU, a reputable crypto launchpad development business with a proficient in house team of designers, seeks to provide you with an NFT launchpad remedy that can be a great match for your company demands. Despite the integration of fundraising modules you wish to incorporate.

Hence, speak with our expert designers for the first task of gathering requirements, which can be needed for creating a successful and reliable NFT launchpad, giving NFT creators a room to showcase their NFT projects among the possible investors within the wedge.

The Closure Note

The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are buzzing, which has begun to change numerous verticals. Even today, the planet is evolving through new technical innovations. Taking advantage of the present situation with the deployment of the NFT launchpad is rather an excellent approach to be a part of the groundbreaking NFT market. Come forward plus associate with us to release the NFT launchpad, and with correct advertising campaigns, create your platform noticeable across nations.

Simple and effective ways to promote your NFT launchpad

If you make NFTs and want to make sure that people see your work, then this post is for you. To advertise your NFT launchpad initiatives, there are a number of methods you can use to publicize them. Your Facebook group can be used to promote or collaborate with other creators. You may also think about giving exclusives to influencers or celebrities, launching an affiliate advertising program, or creating a unique landing page. The sky is the limit with regards to advertising your NFTs!

There are a lot of people out there who are excited about nft launchpad and in the following paragraphs we’re going to explain to you what these people are doing and then we are going to show you how to advertise your nft launchpad project in 15 ways. Learn more about building and monetizing your nft/crypto launchpad.

What is an NFT?

This article is written for my friends that are brand new to NFTs or the NFT launchpad Marketplace in addition to for my NFT – loving friends. I know you could skip to the great part, but I have a great hook to keep you from skipping beyond my incredible first paragraph: In the following paragraphs I am going to share an NFT launchpad insider market secret that nobody else knows about. I used the world’s top blockchain lawyer for a start up and that lawyer connected me with their Canadian partners, who also represent Dapper Labs.

Dapper Labs is the creator of the original NFT launchpad contract for Ethereum which everybody uses to create these cryptocurrencies. Additionally you might be asking yourself how a small Canadian software company can become the exclusive distributor for businesses such as the NBA and the NHL. I know, I am obsessed with revealing to you guys about it too.

Simple and effective ways to promote your NFT launchpad

What is the NFT? Non – Fungible – Token is an abbreviation for Non – Fungible – Token, and that is what we might consider a database memory slot in computer science. It is generally a little storage unit with a packet of info in it, and you are able to store whatever you need in it, like an ebook (I pitched Jeff Bezos on NFT ebooks since I could not find any on the major NFT launchpad marketplaces, and he did really react to me, and said he’d forward it to their Anyway, most folks put a picture or a video clip in these little storage boxes, that have limited quantities (Scarcity), and also the reality that the earlier you are able to buy it the more individuals will find out about it after you, and the bigger the demand will be, because the more attention there’s, the greater value it’s, and the pressure to make cash and drive attention as it increases in value (Urgency) creates the market for these golden database units that we’ve these days.

That is why they are extremely important, but why is the name chosen at random? Non-Fungible Token is just like naming something C3PO or R2-D2, and like Star Wars, the more you know, the better it becomes, so the name crypto launchpad is unique to knowing what it’s in the blockchain world, and more to the point, what it means to help you as a possible buyer or holder. It is a legal gem, in fact. Every person boasts that their particular 100x investment is not one of them, and that the SEC will not clamp down on their alt coin crypto trading accounts eighteen months from now in reality, who knows.

(Unless you already understand the reason why Bitcoin is impregnable from that hidden drop Bitcoin won a legal battle in California in 2012 saying it was not a security so rest, I am not a hater) But you never know when those random digital assets (like Ripple – XRP) will be or have been put on trial, and everybody involved will receive a fine in the mail, and that poor technology candle graph man it’ll go from the arc of the century, only a full mooning back down into a cold flat.

Simple and effective ways to promote your NFT launchpad

This is what the NF stands for in the NFT: It is non-fungible. NFTs are lawful because they are non-fungible, baby. NFTs aren’t a currency simply since they’re not fungible (money by definition, and based on the FINRA exception made by Canada’s regulatory body in charge of financial and monetary policy, for it to become a currency, it have to be exchangeable with other cryptocurrencies, which implies you do not actually have to be registered with them that knowledge is similar to getting a million dollar bill in your pocket because usually to open a legal financial service business you have to be registered with them Final thoughts Everything begins with leveraging user data, identifying gaps, and dialing in a buyer avatar, but always keep in mind that the fastest way to develop a marketing strategy for your readership is to provide them all of the tools they have to perform a comprehensive economic analysis of your non fungible tokens and digital assets and incorporate them into your value ladder and brand or persona universe.

Once our models are proven to deliver results for you as well as your ROI is on the upswing, then we can look at expanding your universe and other traffic sources through further marketing campaigns in social media, influencer marketing and email marketing. 

Nevertheless, since those’re just a tiny part of the puzzle and you can drop a year working on them and still be profitable, we suggest you mostly treat them as a ten % up or down optimization you shrug off. By all means, in case you already have a big social media presence or know how to leverage that, then it’s a great place to start, but you need to take a different path than the players of the big NFT launchpad players and carve out your own little blue ocean.


With what we’ve said, you should have bright ideas on how to market your NFT launchpad.

Building and monetizing your NFT/crypto launchpad

NFTs (together with cryptocurrency) have been seen as a viable investment alternative (of late). Then there’s the question of when that investment will pay off. What if there was a way to make money right now (in the NFT space)? Doesn’t it sound intriguing?

There are many chances like this; however, we’re going to tell you about one of them: creating your own NFT launchpad.

In three easy steps, you can create your crypto launchpad!

Step 1: Define your goals.

Because creating an NFT launchpad is a time-consuming operation, several considerations must be taken into account (before actually starting doing it). Learn more about blockchain and crypto launchpad project gaming.

Determine why you want to create and manage your own NFT launchpad as the first stage.

  • Do you want an NFT launchpad to meet the demands of your NFT community?
  • Are you considering tackling a challenge in the NFT domain?
  • Are you on track to establish your NFT brand? And do you believe the NFT Launchpad may be of assistance in any way?

If any of the above-mentioned questions struck a chord with you, you’ve already established your goal!

Step 2: Make a list of the functions and features.

The easiest way to achieve this is to ask your NFT community for comments and examine what your rivals are doing. Building your NFT launchpad in the face of a developing copycat instance necessitates a unique attention on reducing them. Is it befuddling? Wait..!

Take, for example, GuardianLink (an NFT tech facilitator) who created the Anti-rip AI Spyder solution, a technology aimed at protecting NFT assets.

Similarly, strive to include elements (in your NFT launchpad) that solve difficulties for NFT fans.

Step 3: Decide on a Development Plan

After you’ve finished enumerating the features, the most crucial phase of the process begins: deciding on a development route (of your NFT launchpad).

Traditional Coding: This method of development entails the usage of coding languages in their entirety (across the process). This strategy may be used to improve the NFT launchpad’s resilience, scalability, and speed. However, this procedure would take a lot longer (than you may imagine)!

Building and monetizing your NFT/crypto launchpad

Development without the use of code:

If you’re short on time and want to get started building your own NFT launchpad right away, this is the way to go. Using this would provide you a lot of flexibility and allow you to easily set up the platform, similar to GuardianLink’s no-code NFT launchpad.

White label development Launchpad for cryptocurrencies

  1. There is a critical stage that must be completed before the launchpad may be developed. It’s the process of coming up with new ideas. The idea’s formulation will bring out the factors that will meet the necessity for this launchpad.
  2. The user interface design and requirements are then the responsibility of the back-end and front-end developers.
  3. The next stage is to create the native tokens, which will include details such as symbols and names. These tokens are crucial when it comes to trading ventures. Users purchase tokens to get access to the site, which they then swap for cash.
  4. Finally, before releasing the program, the testing and development team is responsible for correcting any mistakes.

The Most Popular Crypto Launchpads

Launchpad at BSC: In the Binance Smart Chain, it is the most important launchpad. This platform will aid in the acquisition of finances, the distribution of tokens, and the retention of users. $BSCPad are the native tokens.

The Launchpad will hold two fundraising rounds, dubbed the “Two-round Allocation model.” The projects will be claimed by token holders in the first round. In the second round, the first individual to arrive will be granted priority for the project.

Building and monetizing your NFT/crypto launchpad

BullPerks: This launchpad uses the most secure decentralized platform available. They also provide Multi-chain network services. The founders already have a solid name in the crypto and marketing fields. $BLP is the native token.

They are meticulous in their growth, development, and expansion of the company. The network has a 6-tier transparent mechanism in place to ensure that all users get an equitable proportion of tokens.

TrustSwap: TrustSwap is a platform that helps decentralized apps alter their financial transactions by developing smart contracts. It also follows the decentralization principle. $Swap is the native token. Staking, Smart Locks, and Smart Swaps are all examples of how these tokens may be used.

WeStarter: This platform was created in the first quarter of 2021. However, they now have a track record of 16 projects totaling $1 billion in revenue. It mostly aids in the initial exchange of BSC, Ethereum, and HECO projects. With the addition of Polka and Avalanche, this number may rise in the future.


We hope this article was helpful and that you were able to find a solution to your question about how to create an NFT launchpad. Keep an eye on this place for updates on the ever-changing NFT and crypto worlds!

You may now have a look at the blog, which details the advantages and features of the White label Crypto launchpad. The extent and accomplishments of the Crypto launchpads are also highlighted. The ideal platform that may provide a big profit will not be overlooked by aspiring entrepreneurs. Crypto launchpads are the trend-setters in this digital age, thus it’s a good idea to continue on this path.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for the greatest core concept for your firm, I propose contacting the finest Crypto Launchpad development company. The world’s greatest businesses provide enormous advantages, expertise, and direction. It is vital to increase your cash flow by expanding your firm and progressing along your chosen route.

Blockchain and crypto launchpad project gaming

Online gaming is currently the world’s most popular form of entertainment, having surpassed other forms of entertainment such as film, music, and traditional sports. This is an exciting time for esports players, fans, and bettors because there is always something new to discover as the industry continues its phenomenal growth. Aside from that, people all over the world are enthralled by the way blockchain technology and NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are revolutionizing the global crypto launchpad project games industry.

Gaming on the blockchain: A crucial component of the metaverse

The concept of the Metaverse is one of the coolest, most fascinating, and most lucrative concepts to emerge from the digital world. It gets its name from a portmanteau of the words ‘meta’ and ‘universe,’ and it is a virtual world that combines several technological aspects to allow you to work, shop, socialize, and, in this case, play crypto launchpad project games in the same environment.

Metaverses are frequently powered by a public ledger known as blockchain, which is the same technology that allows for the creation of digital currencies and, more recently, non-financial tokens (NFTs). In total, crypto launchpad project games developed in it, as well as the use of the aforementioned tokens, are classified as blockchain gaming — a world governed by smart contracts. In the blockchain, these are self-executing transaction protocols that allow all participants to benefit from crypto launchpad project games while also earning money themselves. Click here to get about crypto gaming guilds for play to earn scholarship.

How is gaming on the blockchain made possible?

Video crypto launchpad project games created and stored in the traditional manner are controlled by a closed-loop control system, which mechanically controls a process without the need for human input or intervention. This means that no one other than the administrators of the centrally managed server will be able to access or modify their program.

In contrast, because blockchain is decentralized, the crypto launchpad project games that run on it are not owned or managed by a single organization or authority. Smart contracts, on the other hand, enable members to save and transact their activities, as well as examine and reuse their assets, all through the use of blockchain technology. This is the method through which gamers earn money. Not only do they get NFTs as a result of their participation, but they also effectively and securely sell and exchange them with other players in bigger quantities, which is explained below.

What are non-financial transactions (NFTs) and how can you profit from them?

NFTs are digital assets that may take the shape of collectibles, artwork, or anything else that is valuable to the owner of the asset. However, although both are written and kept on a blockchain, NFTs are distinct cryptographic assets that may be used to represent both physical and immaterial goods. If you’re talking about video crypto launchpad project games, it may be anything from in-game assets (such as a skin, bow, or staff) to prize packages and digital collectibles that game creators and esports organizations use to interact with and attract new fans. Learn more about cryptographic assets.

In other words, the value of NFTs is derived from their particular authenticity, which cannot be readily replicated, hence granting the buyer the right to possess the original work of the creator.

While still a relatively new idea in online gaming, the market for non-financial transactions (NFTs) is now twice the size of the esports business. Starting at more than $250 million lately, it has swiftly risen to $2 billion in the first quarter of 2021 as a result of the large number of organizations and investors that have come on board with the trend.

Blockchain and NFT launchpad project gaming

Based on market capitalization, the top four crypto launchpad project games and tokens are as follows:

Industry experts may be unanimous in their belief that crypto launchpad project games are the future of online gaming, but which of the tokens now available on the market is worth your time and money? The top four cryptocurrency coins, as determined by market capitalization and coin value as of December 2021, are given below.

Axie Infinity (AXS) 

  • Coin value: $107.23 
  • Market capitalization: $6,541,215,490 
  • Axie Infinity (AXS)

The pay-to-play-to-earn paradigm is used in crypto launchpad project games, and Axie Infinity is the most popular and successful product on the market today. This play-to-earn game, developed by the Vietnamese company Sky Mavis and first launched in March 2018, is based on the Pokémon franchise and uses cryptocurrency tokens named Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP) (SLP).

Sandbox (SAND)

  • The coin’s value is $6.25; the market capitalization is $5,747,280,454.

It is greatly sought for by gamers since it allows them to take their creativity to a whole new and profitable level. The Sandbox has its own native currency, which is SAND. It was created by the game company Pixowl and is a large metaverse that allows people to play, develop, own, and monetize their virtual worlds. It is now in beta testing. They may construct a variety of constructions out of materials such as water, lava, sand, and glass in order to achieve a certain aim or mission objective.


Blockchain and NFT launchpad project gaming


  • The coin’s value is $3.78; the market capitalization is $6,861,045,501.

Decentraland is a phrase that means “decentralization” (MANA)

In contrast to Axie Infinity, which is now the most popular NFT game, Decentraland is the largest virtual environment in the world of NFTs. It is a 3D virtual reality platform that is represented by two key ERC-71 tokens, LAND and MANA, which are both traded on the exchange. Because it consists of 90,601 pieces of land, each piece of LAND is distinct and allows its owners total discretion over anything they want to do with their parcel of land.

Land, on the other hand, may be acquired via the usage of MANA. The catch is that the total supply of Decentraland is set at 2.6 billion, and the currency will never surpass this limit at any point in the future.

Enjin Coin (ENJ) 

  • Coin value: $2.91 
  • Market capitalization: $2,454,398,008 
  • Coin value: $2.91

The Enjin blockchain technology firm, in contrast to the other crypto launchpad project games described above, allows people to develop and administer NFTs, thus its motto “NFTs for Everyone” (NFTs for Everyone). This platform makes use of an Ethereum-based token known as Enjin Coin (ENJ), with the goal of making the usage of non-fiat currencies as smooth as possible for people, brands, and businesses.

Blockchain gaming has a promising future in the metaverse, according to experts.

Since its modest origins, online gaming has gone a long way, and continues to do so. After beginning with large arcade machines housed in amusement centers, it has developed into an emotionally charged and high-tech sophisticated entertainment that requires meticulous planning and preparation on the part of the participants.

While juggernauts like as Dota 2, League of Legends, and Valorant may dominate online gaming now and in the future, it is impossible to ignore the inevitable popularity and financial value of non-traditional games (NFT). They are valuable for a variety of reasons other than their gameplay and features. Their innate distinctiveness and ever-growing worth are two of the primary reasons why both gamers and esports bettors are prepared to spend millions of dollars on them.

In one form or another, non-financial tokens (NFTs) and digital currencies will be the optimal means of exchange for anyone seeking to make investments in the metaverse. When you use cryptocurrency to play crypto launchpad project games and make bets at Bitcasino, you already know that you are one step closer to the future terrain of the digital world than you were before.

The Crypto Gaming Guilds for Play to Earn Scholarship

Gone are the days when someone spends hours on a video game and derives nothing but entertainment. Now, playing the game can give you more than entertainment; it can become a source of earning money consistently. In addition, it can even become a means of investment to get more profits. Players can now quickly get paid for what they love to do through the play to earn scholarship model.

This game came to the limelight during the lockdown in the Philippines and Indonesia. As a result, many play to earn scholarship became a means of making a living for residents of these countries. However, as much as this opportunity was huge, not all of them could afford the initial deposit to play the game. For example, the Axie Infinity is a game that requires a new player to buy at least three axies before he can play the game at all. 

But these axies are not cheap in the marketplace, without which the player cannot form a team to start. Meanwhile, the passion was there for those who saw how much money the earlier players were making from playing Axie Infinity. These large number of game players from developing countries need to find an alternative to investing in this game quickly. So, let us quickly discuss how the crypto gaming guilds came to be.

Origin of the Play to Earn Games Guild

The first gaming guide for the Axie Infinity became necessary as many players who have experience with the type of game could not afford the entry fee. The principal purpose that players derive from creating a play-to-earn gaming guild is to allow game asset owners to lend out the axies that the new players may not have. This system of co-ownership of the digital assets is also called scholarships. 

When the players play with this borrowed character, the profits they gain are shared by the game investor and the player. The usual rate involves the scholars taking about 70% of the share, the managers getting 20%, and the guide taking the remaining 10%. After this community guide strategy, other crypto gaming guilds imbibed this scholarship method. As it stands today, the play-to-earn crypto gaming guilds for NFT games are a massive organization with a durable structure.

The organization comprises investors, managers, and gamers who are the significant intermediaries in the game environment. Meanwhile, the game players can buy in-game assets such as weapons, characters, monsters, game skins, and land in the form of NFTs. On the other hand, they can also lend them out to different players in their hundreds and thousands. They can keep playing and earning more and more gaming assets from different virtual worlds.

The Crypto Gaming Guilds for Play to Earn Scholarship

The Difference between Crypto Gaming Guilds and the Traditional Gaming Guilds

When comparing the traditional gaming guilds with the crypto world of gaming guilds, we can be confident that the newer version has several unique features. Traditional gaming guilds have lasted for several decades. Meanwhile, the new NFT gaming system does not deny the game’s competitiveness and has enhanced its popularity. Some competitive gaming guilds include the Cloud9 and FaZe Clan, which represent the best of traditional gaming. 

Whereas there is a big difference between the crypto gaming guilds representing play to earn scholarship and traditional games, the players must make a rational decision. Traditional gaming guilds involve the gamers playing the game regularly, with the guilds falling or rising within the game. On the other hand, crypto gaming involves guilds acting as the platform for different natures of support for new gamers. These gamers are also looking to start playing and earning from the games. 

There is also a high level of security for the game investors in a play-to-earn gaming guild. The game may lose popularity, and the gaming space becomes challenging to make a profit. In such a case, the gaming guild can then move to another popular game without losing assets. More players can also profit from the organization, and more investors are interested in the crypto VCs. We can easily spot Axie Infinity as we enter the market for better results

The Crypto Gaming Guilds for Play to Earn Scholarship

Yield Guide Games (YGG)

The largest guild for play to earn scholarship is the Yield Guild Games (YGG), covering up to $333 million as the market cap. In addition, the market cap was also very high at about $720 million in November 2021. Gabby Dixon, a veteran gamer and a game player on Axie Infinity, developed the YGG in 2020. Meanwhile, YGG as a platform is based on the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Also, it adopted the name Guild of Guilds as the first of its kind.

YGG also published an article in the 2021 Year-End Retrospective, claiming that there are over 10,000 Axie Infinity Scholars in over ten countries. These scholars are either in a profit share with the investors or renting the in-game assets in the guild. In the end, the DAO earns about 10% from every paid rental fee. As it stands, YGG has also been able to raise a total of $28.4 million in over 5 rounds of funding at the beginning of this year, 2022.

 The top investors on the YGG platform are Animoca Brands and BlockTower Capital. In addition, YGG also developed a native token, known as the $YGG, and it is backed by the ERC-20 token, which they can use for governance. In finance, founders, advisors, and private investors now work with vesting schedules and lock-up periods. Setting up the right policies can also have a massive dump of tokens within the market. 

Good Games Guild

The Good Games Guild is a reasonably new crypto guild with well above 300 scholars and more than 117,000 followers on Twitter. The investment arm and game incubator of the Crypto Gaming Guild is the Good Games Guild. Some months ago, the Good Games Guild closed a Seed fundraising round deal worth over $1.7 million. This investment came from Illuvium, OKEx Blockdrean Ventures, Animoca Brands, and others. 

The Fun and Adventure of Play to Earn Games

It is easy to explore video games traditionally. Still, the natural spice is making income from the play to earn games. Play-to-earn (P2E) games bring virtual wealth into the real world through the NFT currency conversion. Players can buy or sell crypto coins to another player on the platform or trade them within the marketplace. As a case study, the Axie Infinity is a sure way of trying out the methods of earning money from these play to earn games.

Below are exciting issues that enhance the level of fun and adventure that players can have.

Can a player do similar NFT games to earn more money?

Play to earn NFT games come with a crazy fever with a sure way of earning money from accomplishing all the tasks on the platform. Therefore, every new competition also has a new feature to add with more financial rewards. And as the player explores these play to earn games, he can also perform better and get more results. When you focus on the fun of the game, you can also earn money in a suitable way for the style. 

1. Chimeras 

One of the most fun-filled games in the NFT creation world is the Chimeras, which sits among the online minigames. This game includes some in-game items such as creating creatures, trading, battles, and the virtual development of the players.

2. Chumbi Valley

Chumbi Valley is an RPG-based blockchain game that sits on the Polygon platform. The Polygon is an Ethereum scaling solution that produces a game design for the best use of the hosted application. Chumbi Valley can be played like an application with a launch on iOS, Android, and PC. Besides, this game also contains other items and creatures in NFTs and other tokens. The primary inspiration of the game is similar to the Pokemon, Zelda, Stardew Valley, and Studio Ghibli. The game players explore the forest valley in the game and create Chumbi, which are mystical creatures. 

3. Morning Moon Village

This game houses a player who is required to build a farm, sell crops, and explore and collect resources. You will also have to create new equipment while having fun with all the pets within blockchain technology. This game also causes a revolution to the traditional pattern you may have been used to. At the same time, it also comes with a farming design with suitable 3D graphics and in-built game mechanics. It can also reward players with the NT rewards with demand on more minor stakes. 

4. Rhinos Flyland

The Rhinos Flyland is another blockchain technology from which players can earn enough money through various in-game activities. The options include fighting, training, and creating digital trading pets, called RINOs. Meanwhile, the more RINOs you acquire, you can also continue to make more money by selling them on the marketplace. 

At the same time, the players can earn RHO tokens, which are similar to the SLP tokens that we have in the Axie Infinity. Also, the game’s mission is to create blockchain games that we can immerse and sustain the player with real and legitimate value. 

The Fun and Adventure of Play to Earn Games

5. Lost Relics

The lost relics as a game refer to the journey of discovering and defeating monsters of the play-to-earn game’s world. It has a rare set of blockchain items as an action-adventure RPG (AARPG), giving players the right to own any in-game items. You can explore Talmuth and scour the dark interior when embarking on the ideal quests while searching for precious relics. On the other hand, you have to save the city’s inhabitants from invading devouring beasts. These items found on the network are the ERC-1155 and are on the Ethereum network. But you can freely turn them into tangible assets of real value through buying, selling, and trading. 

6. MetaLovil

MetaLovil represents a new open world of the metaverse for play to earn games, providing a peculiar experience on the BSC. In addition, the game also makes it easy for users to earn money while enjoying metaverse. The labor of uniting and building a Utopia in the metaverse involves buying and owning private land portions and collecting materials from the nodes in the wild areas anytime. The pursuit is also to make the correct in-game currency available and remain valuable.

7. DogeDash

The Super Mario run inspires DogeDash, but this one involves earning coins through a skillful display within the game and contributing to the over ecosystem. Also, the game has a simple objective: to dash as fast as the character can take it through up to 10 levels. While the player’s character moves through, it collects coins along the way. When the players begin to compete at each level, a successful completion attracts earnings directly into their wallets.

The Fun and Adventure of Play to Earn Games

8. Overlord

No doubt, the explosion of Overlord as an NFT game changes the narrative of the online video game trends. NFT on the blockchain network alone takes a massive integration into the whole system as a profit-making project. Otherwise, all that the video game offered would have been simple web-based games. 

A uniqueness of Overlord is that it is the first mobile role-playing game (RPG) that has been integrated successfully with NFT for income generation. Therefore, when you have a mobile phone, a reasonable space, and an internet connection, you can experience fun and adventure with the Overlord. A new player may even start with the demo version before subscribing to the paid version. 

9. Reborn

The Reborn, as the name sounds, is like life cards located on different life nodes. Players can get NFT rewards in the form of in-game assets of mint their NFT talent cards, the Life Node Card NFT, and the Life Memorial NFT Card. These cards can be easily traded on the NFT Master, which serves as a marketplace. The simple goal is to stay alive and not deplete life, different from the typical expectations. 


In conclusion, time and space will not permit me to mention the others, such as the 8-Bit Doge and similar play to earn games for adventure. This list of top NFT games for adventurers may guide your line of thought and hopefully that of your income too. Get ready for the best impression of play to earn games you have ever had. 

The Role of NFT Technology in Best Play to Earn Games

Based on the uniqueness of cryptocurrency, the invention of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is another incredible innovation to know. NFT technology through best play to earn games is capable of reinventing and revitalizing the broader spectrum of finance and gaming entertainment. Since this invention was first introduced, it has continued to increase in popularity and bring about huge profits. 

However, the most significant addition is the play to earn model in the gaming industry. However, there may still be many uncertainties that shroud the overall acceptance of this model. Some of the fundamental questions about best play to earn games may even include what exactly is an nft game or which nft games are worth investing in this year? Therefore, we are committed to bringing you a compilation of the top 5 NFT games that you can consider for investment. But let us start with the basics.

What is a Play-to-Earn NFT Game?

NFT refers to a particular category of games based on blockchain technology with perfect decentralization. The game design comprises in-game assets or collectibles with a digital value convertible to real-life value. As the players advance or accomplish one task in the game, they earn these digital assets as rewards. On the other hand, they may also buy these assets within the game environment or a third-party marketplace. 

These digital collectibles are also sellable on the digital platform, while players can otherwise buy them from the marketplace. The currency for buying or selling any of these digital assets is the cryptocurrency upon which the game is based. For instance, the Axie Infinity is based on the Ethereum network. Therefore, the in-game assets are digitally crafted in ETH value and can be sold or bought in-game or through the marketplace. 

Similarly, many games have been designed to run on the Ethereum Blockchain technology or the Binance Smart Chain (BCS). Therefore, when attempting to play any of these games, you will have to possess a trading wallet and a substantial amount of ETH or BNB coins. Otherwise, you may first have to buy them using a fiat currency and save them inside the digital wallets from which you can make the initial deposit to start playing the game. 

Apart from the foundational structure of playing these games, it also has a tokenization mechanism. This mechanism serves as an extra incentive in the NFT game. As a result, each NFT game possesses its central token that becomes a medium of interaction and transaction in the platform environment. It also creates a rewarding system for completing tasks or winning battles and conquests. 

Meanwhile, trading NFT assets is not the only way to earn money from these NFT games. At the same time, the players can begin to get the designated rewards for completing specific tasks or missions depending on the game theme. When you earn the rewards in digital currency, you can convert them to fiat currency by selling in the marketplace through digital means. 

The Role of NFT Technology in Best Play to Earn Games

Types of NFT Games in the Market

There are two types of NFT games available in the market for any game lover. They are the click-to-earn and the play-to-earn games. Note that both gaming models can make money from the game player using the NFT technology. All you have to do is to take some time to pick the one that works best for you based on different factors and proceed. For instance, you may choose a particular model because of your level of gaming experience or initial financial budget. Let us try to describe each one for a clearer picture of what we mean. 

Click-to-earn Games

You may have encountered one or more of these game types, but you don’t know what they are called. The click-to-earn gaming model for NFT games requires busy players only to do a few clicks. Afterward, the game plays itself with the set characters and their in-game attributes and values. This game can also be perfect for new game lovers who have primitive gaming skills. At the same time, the only thing a player needs to do is open up the screen, click a few places and get the reward after successful completion. 

Play-to-Earn Games

The other option is the play-to-earn game, which is the direct opposite of the click-to-earn games. In this wise, the players are the ones that control every process of gameplay in this model. Therefore, it takes the player’s control for the game to progress until it gets to the point of being rewarded. Without the automation of this gaming system, it is nearly impossible to proceed with the game, and it may outrightly come to a halt.  

The Role of NFT Technology in Best Play to Earn Games

What is NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens; a digital currency used to represent the ownership of various digital assets. This uniqueness and the rarity enhance the value of these tokens in the market. In addition, NFTs cannot be duplicated, copied, or centralized on blockchain technology. Anyone who possesses this type of asset can exchange the owned assets or trade them in the marketplace. 

On the other hand, the NFT game contains these assets that are easy to maintain on a tracking system for ownership. Even if a new NFT was created from existing ones, it is still impossible for the new owner to claim ownership of the first one. If you desire to learn more about NFT games, you should ponder the concept of buying lands and getting a certificate of ownership of the property. While cryptocurrencies are fungible, the NFTs are not.

By implication, the NFT cannot be exchanged for another one. for instance, the crypto space with coins works so that if an owner lends another person about 500 ZMT, the repayment can also only be in the same ZMT value of any type but the same amount. On the other hand, the NFTs are different and are not comparable to tangible life assets like houses or cars. For example, if someone lends you a car, he cannot return another car even if it is the same model and type. He will have to bring you precisely the same car, not a similar or better version. 


This article has discussed some peculiarities of having play-to-earn NFT games that are of immense value. It also educates you on the value of an NFT and how to trade with it for profits. 

More to read: Brand Comparison of the Clicgear Buggy and Nomad Lane models

Brand Comparison of the Clicgear Buggy and Nomad Lane models

When you bring the top model of buggies, the Clicgear buggy, side-by-side with the Nomad Lane models, multiple factors are considered. At times, buyers need to see a critical analysis of why a model beats the others objectively. That, and much more, does this article bring to you. When you consider the two sample brand models that we bring to you, you can freely decide which of them meets your needs and expectations. 

Clicgear Buggy

The analysis and review below contain not less than 50 different criteria for better choosing the two brand models. For instance, the conditions include the delivery time and quality of service, the price point, free shipping condition, international shipping, free return and exchange policies, among other items. Let us begin with an open description of both brands of golf buggies available for sale in Australia.

A Brief Description of the Clicgear Buggy

Clicgear buggy brand has a local production store in the USA, which is relatively smaller than other stores. However, the products from this brand speak volumes about what users can enjoy. For instance, the brand beats other similar brands like the Golf Cart King, Golf Cart Tire Supple, Buggies Unlimited, and the rest. Clicgear buggy has an average rating of 4.2 from 9 different submitted ratings on the Knoji site.

A Brief Description of the Nomad Lane

Nomad lane is also an excellent brand to reckon with in the world of outdoor sports equipment in stores. Some competing brands include the Sports Academy, Davis Instruments, Pro Advantage Sports, and Hobbies. On the Knoji scale, the Nomad lance accrues an average score of 4.3 from 34 different submitted ratings. 

Pros and Cons of the Clicgear Buggy Brand


  • Buying the clicgear buggy brand ensures the golfer of discounts and special offers such as coupon codes for buyers across the world
  • Particularly, buyers from the US enjoy free shipping to anywhere within the US
  • In addition, clicgear buggy buyers from Australia also get to enjoy different payment options to add to the flexibility
  • The clicgear buggy brand is known for the best variety of pushcarts in Australia, both in colour and styles
  • A typical Clicgear buggy belongs to one of many models with a taste and suitability for various conditions. For instance, the iconic designer is based in Hong Kong. The company itself launches from the US while the products are distributed worldwide.


  • None of the clicgear buggy products is are available for affiliate marketing program sales. Meanwhile, the future clicgear buggy in the USA may decide to create affiliate marketing programs through their most recent agenda. 

Pros and Cons of the Nomad Lane


  • In the US, Nomad Lane has slightly more popularity and brand recognition than Clicgear. However, this argument does not hold water when it comes to the application and uses in Australia
  • Many retail stores that stock the Nomad Lane often give discounts and special offers to buyers, especially from the US. 
  • Buyers can get to enjoy multiple coupon codes that are still very active for the Nomad Lane brand for at least $5 or $10 off
  • One advantage that the Nomad lane has over the clicgear buggy model is their durable affiliate marketing programs. This program is also increasing in relevance, popularity and conversion to make sales.

Similarities between the Clicgear Buggy and the Nomad Lane Brands

Both brands give a measure of military discounts almost equally. For instance, if you, as a veteran, want to buy any of the products from both brands, you get a discount measure. In addition, they both also offer special conditions to students who need any of their products as long as you can prove your studentship. This special offer is significant to students who engage in the game of golf, for instance. They can be sure of a safe and affordable career when they pick the clicgear buggy brand.

Are there senior discount policies for golfers? Yes. However, it may be hard to tell which of the two brands does this well. More so, both model brands also have existing affiliate marketing programs for their products. Meanwhile, there is no doubt that clicgear products lead in the world of golf buggies with a careful design for each of these items. The most popular clicgear buggy models include model 4.0, 3.5+, and model 8.0+. Also, the manufacturer stocks up an enormous range of accessories that provides for other products.

Clicgear Buggies and Trolleys

The clicgear buggy brand products have a fantastic design with high-quality materials. Depending on the desired use, golfers can choose either the 3-wheel buggies like the 3.5+ model or the 4-wheel model 8.0 version. This brand is also trendy for a secure carriage for both clubs and the whole golf bag. For instance, if you choose the clicgear buggy of the 3.5+ model, you can be sure of ample space for storage and processing of use.

Clicgear Buggies and Trolleys

In addition, this clicgear buggy model also has a formidable strap system that is adjustable to the golfer’s desired level. It has a state-of-the-art braking system that ensures the device does not go out of control at any point in your round. Meanwhile, the modern brake system also provides that no level of stress is beyond management. At the same time, the presence of such system, together with some other accessory system including a light cup mount.

On the other hand, the latest model 8.0 of the clicgear buggy is one choice that becomes irresistible in your search. In this chosen range and brand of products, clicgear model 8 is the golfer’s cart with optimum performance in its latest components with leading technology. One of the notable qualities of the machine is the newly built balance that works for different kinds of golf course terrains. As against the earlier models with a single brake system, the model 8.0 clicgear buggy has a dual front brake system. This system is simply the icon of simplicity, control and easy manoeuvring under specific conditions. It also converts a wide opening of front wheels that adds to its stability. We are here to make you see that the clicgear buggy brand is an exceptional choice for a golf buggy.

Inventory Management of Pro Golf Shop

The main goal of inventory management as part of maintaining a pro golf business is accountability. Eventually, a flawless inventory management strategy ensures that your store can grow seamlessly in adding new items, promoting, marketing, and selling top branded products. These steps can push your highest selling products to the top of the catalog while buyers from across the world.

Most pro golf shops discover that managing your inventory is not only a regular habit. It also ensures there are no loopholes in the store. With excellent management skills, you can practically build a small store into a massive pro golf business with multiple employers and delivering quality sales and service to customers. At the same time, organizational skills can convince your potential customers that you have a trusted brand for business.

This article discusses in detail ways to carry out effective management of your inventory of your Pro Golf Shop. Also, taking and managing inventory can take a reasonable amount of time to develop new strategies for both existing and new customers. In modern times, the intervention of automated systems such as POS management can help you report and track your inventory. Besides, inventory management is also a crucial way to better manage your finance towards better profit from your business. 

Furthermore, inventory management helps store owners to make quicker and better decisions since they have an updated data on the inventory and the required steps for progress. Therefore, as a pro golf shop owner, you need to start auditing your store while managing and planning your list rightly. In addition, you can use your inventory data not only for further analysis and comprehensive reports.

Inventory Management of Pro Golf Shop

How to Plan Inventory Audits 

The size of your pro golf shop is a crucial factor in determining the number of times you have to carry out an inventory check. For instance, if you have a relatively large store, you can start taking your inventory early. You need to take this step since it can take more time to complete the process. Apart from manual stock, you can also use digital software tools to carry out the store audit. 

An automated process can also enhance the productivity of your time in the store. On the other hand, it takes less energy and time from the working staff in the store. However, regardless of the tool you use in auditing your store, you need a solid plan to regularly carry out your store’s inventory. The checklist helps you to reduce shrinkage and keep vital accurate records.

Use Cycle Counting

Cycle counting is one of the most crucial ways to complete an effective inventory audit regularly. It also allows you to carry out a regular inventory such as daily and monthly checking for one section or category at a time. When you do due diligence like this one, the overall yearly inventory will be less tedious, and fraud detection or imbalances will be quick. Having a daily view of your inventory also makes it easy to make better financial management decisions.

In some cases, cycle counting is another strategy that ensures that you don’t have to dedicate an entire day to taking inventory or having to close shop. As long as you can regularly stick to the counting process and follow your schedule, there is no reason to fear. More so, it becomes a way to integrate an automated process through a POS software system for audits.

Technology inventions for Inventory Management

As we have been mentioning in this article, golf shop owners can implement the use of POS to streamline the goal of inventory management. This process is faster and more effective, but it can also become a painless alternative with state-of-the-art features. Some of these modern features include mobile, wireless, scanning, and Bluetooth or RFID tracking. A POS software system is an integral way to manage the inventory and requires focus on the following:

  1. Cloud-based software

The cloud-based software makes it possible to access the needful information from anywhere across the world. In addition, users can run important reports and analyze them while saving them in the cloud. At the same time, shop owners can also save the data into an external source.

  1. Mobile or barcode scanners

Another essential feature of the use of technology is the ability to carry mobile and barcode scanners. This seamless connection makes it easier to connect with other devices and manually report any item not in the catalog. Thereby, you can spend less time tracking the inventory and still have accurate information.

  1. Accurate reporting

Automated systems support accurate reporting of facts and figures about your store. In addition, you can also track your sell-through rates, returns, and margins by automation. This strategy also makes it easy to identify items that are not doing too well and take appropriate actions to redeem the situation. More so, it might require other marketing or promotional strategies to help increase the sales of such products. It may require using a discount or moving the item to another category to boost its sales. 

  1. Ease of Staff Operation 

The use of POS does not totally rule out the need for human operation, especially your employees. Also, they should focus on giving your customers the best experience while ensuring the sale of the best items in store. Ideally, the use of automated systems makes selling smoother and better with less physical effort. When there is an error with the inventory records, it will require more time from a human operator to fix it. 

Inventory Management of Pro Golf Shop


Inventory management is a core integral part of the administrative management of a golf shop business. However, the use of technological tools has made it much easier to handle the process. On the other hand, the use of manual strategies can be very stressful and time-consuming. Besides, the premium digital tools can be used with the least effort from a physical member of staff and can also carry some date and time stamps. Finally, inventory management is a key to business growth as it can prepare you for future promotions and purchases. 

Low Budget Marketing Ideas for a Small Golf Shop

When starting out as a business owner of a pro golf shop, one of the main issues is funding or capital to stock the business. Meanwhile, there might be other loose options that you may never find the fulfillment you need if you take. Therefore, business enthusiasts in need of funds should first think about how to use what he or she has to achieve what he or she desires to get. 

Marketing Ideas for a Small Golf Shop

  1. Be Bold

Needless to say that a small pro shop golf business may start with only you as the only staff. The idea is that you and you alone may be the only representation of your business. Being an embodiment of what the company stands for, you must be very bold. You must have the courage to tell anyone that cares to know, what your business is about, and why. Similarly, let every day be an opportunity to showcase and promote your business to the world.

Another step you may take is applying for business awards, which is another way people may learn about your business every year. When considering different aspects of a company such as running adverts, customer satisfaction, product or service delivery, etc., someone might put in a good word for you. Ask friends and family to nominate and vote for you, which may, in turn, be a marketing strategy on its own because you get people’s attention and interest.

  1. Develop social media presence

One of the most vital innovations in this century is social media. Entrepreneurs and virtually everyone have found a place where SM can serve them and bring outstanding results. If you can’t afford to create a website (which is no longer as complex and costly as it used to be), create social media accounts. By the way, there are free websites now that you can start with and still get good traffic that you can pull in later.

Alternatively, you can start a blog where you put out helpful information about your business line. When people read this information, they can be drawn to other things you have to offer while trusting your opinion. Meanwhile, it is possible to run a free blog as well and generate good traffic. A blog can also allow you to regularly put out your products and services, and people will return as far as they are confident that you have something valuable to share. The recommended social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

  1. Attract New Customers

There are great ways to attract new customers to your products and services in the pro golf shop. One of them is to offer free learning classes to amateur golfers to connect with them and build a community. In addition, design a logo and a tagline as part of your business brand that every resource from your shop will carry. Also, you can create brochures as a sales tool that every customer that walks into your shop can take with them. 

You can even design a cross-promotion with other related businesses to yours and share the costs of adverts. Cross-promotion can also build a form of synergy between both companies while introducing each other to participate in a joint venture. More so, your invoices may include promotional documents or send out sales letters through direct mail or cold calling emails. Some sites may even promote your business for free by placing free ads and promotions for you.

  1. Expand Your Network

Business growth is about growing the size of your network, and one way to do that is by asking for referrals. When you do, and people give you, you have initiated a chain of networks that can be truly infinite. However, people may still be giving you referrals unknowingly. Still, then you may not be able to measure what works and how to intensify it. Always look for ways to tell prospective clients about what you do and how you expect them to say good things about you.

On the other hand, when satisfied customers ask for what to give back in return, simply tell them to bring someone. When one customer gets one other customer, your number is actually increasing significantly in doubles. However, note that the best way to retain customers is by satisfying them at all times. New customers may require you to emphasize certain benefits that your store has significantly above all others. 

  1. Be proactive

Many things about building your business when you are on a low budget may involve being proactive. In other words, instead of waiting for customers to come to you to patronize your products, you can actually go to them and give them offers. You can also enroll for public events where people will hear about your business brand, especially in the locality. Alternatively, you should have a Google My Business Account page, which can help potential local customers find you.

Furthermore, a professional or business association can aid the growth of your business. Only that you have to play by their rules. These organizations are not only available in physical places, but you can connect with them online. I recommend search for business groups on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn, which includes business professionals. One fact is that you will get to make business contacts from such professional groups. Don’t forget to be a part of local events and trade fairs.

  1. Avoid Marketing Blunders

Many promoters and business owners make inevitable marketing blunders when running a campaign. One of the most common blunders would be inconsistency. No matter how much potential your marketing strategy may have, you may not see many results if you fail to be consistent with it. The reason is that consciously or unconsciously, something within people takes record of what they see continually. 

In addition, exaggeration is another matter that may drag the results of the supposed marketing plans down. Exaggeration is in terms of under-delivering when you overpromise. When you overrate the capacity of your business this way, it can lead to a loss of trust with your customers. And when confidence is punctured, you may never regain it. Worse still, as fast as word-of-mouth can spread the good news, it can also apply to bad ones.


Getting great results from marketing campaigns doesn’t have to be expensive, which is why this article addresses how to use a low budget to achieve excellent marketing results. Business owners must also respect the fact that simplicity and precision must accompany any form of marketing that you choose. When you consistently try the methods above, you should get results in no time.