The Fun and Adventure of Play to Earn Games

It is easy to explore video games traditionally. Still, the natural spice is making income from the play to earn games. Play-to-earn (P2E) games bring virtual wealth into the real world through the NFT currency conversion. Players can buy or sell crypto coins to another player on the platform or trade them within the marketplace. As a case study, the Axie Infinity is a sure way of trying out the methods of earning money from these play to earn games.

Below are exciting issues that enhance the level of fun and adventure that players can have.

Can a player do similar NFT games to earn more money?

Play to earn NFT games come with a crazy fever with a sure way of earning money from accomplishing all the tasks on the platform. Therefore, every new competition also has a new feature to add with more financial rewards. And as the player explores these play to earn games, he can also perform better and get more results. When you focus on the fun of the game, you can also earn money in a suitable way for the style. 

1. Chimeras 

One of the most fun-filled games in the NFT creation world is the Chimeras, which sits among the online minigames. This game includes some in-game items such as creating creatures, trading, battles, and the virtual development of the players.

2. Chumbi Valley

Chumbi Valley is an RPG-based blockchain game that sits on the Polygon platform. The Polygon is an Ethereum scaling solution that produces a game design for the best use of the hosted application. Chumbi Valley can be played like an application with a launch on iOS, Android, and PC. Besides, this game also contains other items and creatures in NFTs and other tokens. The primary inspiration of the game is similar to the Pokemon, Zelda, Stardew Valley, and Studio Ghibli. The game players explore the forest valley in the game and create Chumbi, which are mystical creatures. 

3. Morning Moon Village

This game houses a player who is required to build a farm, sell crops, and explore and collect resources. You will also have to create new equipment while having fun with all the pets within blockchain technology. This game also causes a revolution to the traditional pattern you may have been used to. At the same time, it also comes with a farming design with suitable 3D graphics and in-built game mechanics. It can also reward players with the NT rewards with demand on more minor stakes. 

4. Rhinos Flyland

The Rhinos Flyland is another blockchain technology from which players can earn enough money through various in-game activities. The options include fighting, training, and creating digital trading pets, called RINOs. Meanwhile, the more RINOs you acquire, you can also continue to make more money by selling them on the marketplace. 

At the same time, the players can earn RHO tokens, which are similar to the SLP tokens that we have in the Axie Infinity. Also, the game’s mission is to create blockchain games that we can immerse and sustain the player with real and legitimate value. 

The Fun and Adventure of Play to Earn Games

5. Lost Relics

The lost relics as a game refer to the journey of discovering and defeating monsters of the play-to-earn game’s world. It has a rare set of blockchain items as an action-adventure RPG (AARPG), giving players the right to own any in-game items. You can explore Talmuth and scour the dark interior when embarking on the ideal quests while searching for precious relics. On the other hand, you have to save the city’s inhabitants from invading devouring beasts. These items found on the network are the ERC-1155 and are on the Ethereum network. But you can freely turn them into tangible assets of real value through buying, selling, and trading. 

6. MetaLovil

MetaLovil represents a new open world of the metaverse for play to earn games, providing a peculiar experience on the BSC. In addition, the game also makes it easy for users to earn money while enjoying metaverse. The labor of uniting and building a Utopia in the metaverse involves buying and owning private land portions and collecting materials from the nodes in the wild areas anytime. The pursuit is also to make the correct in-game currency available and remain valuable.

7. DogeDash

The Super Mario run inspires DogeDash, but this one involves earning coins through a skillful display within the game and contributing to the over ecosystem. Also, the game has a simple objective: to dash as fast as the character can take it through up to 10 levels. While the player’s character moves through, it collects coins along the way. When the players begin to compete at each level, a successful completion attracts earnings directly into their wallets.

The Fun and Adventure of Play to Earn Games

8. Overlord

No doubt, the explosion of Overlord as an NFT game changes the narrative of the online video game trends. NFT on the blockchain network alone takes a massive integration into the whole system as a profit-making project. Otherwise, all that the video game offered would have been simple web-based games. 

A uniqueness of Overlord is that it is the first mobile role-playing game (RPG) that has been integrated successfully with NFT for income generation. Therefore, when you have a mobile phone, a reasonable space, and an internet connection, you can experience fun and adventure with the Overlord. A new player may even start with the demo version before subscribing to the paid version. 

9. Reborn

The Reborn, as the name sounds, is like life cards located on different life nodes. Players can get NFT rewards in the form of in-game assets of mint their NFT talent cards, the Life Node Card NFT, and the Life Memorial NFT Card. These cards can be easily traded on the NFT Master, which serves as a marketplace. The simple goal is to stay alive and not deplete life, different from the typical expectations. 


In conclusion, time and space will not permit me to mention the others, such as the 8-Bit Doge and similar play to earn games for adventure. This list of top NFT games for adventurers may guide your line of thought and hopefully that of your income too. Get ready for the best impression of play to earn games you have ever had.