Brand Comparison of the Clicgear Buggy and Nomad Lane models

When you bring the top model of buggies, the Clicgear buggy, side-by-side with the Nomad Lane models, multiple factors are considered. At times, buyers need to see a critical analysis of why a model beats the others objectively. That, and much more, does this article bring to you. When you consider the two sample brand models that we bring to you, you can freely decide which of them meets your needs and expectations. 

Clicgear Buggy

The analysis and review below contain not less than 50 different criteria for better choosing the two brand models. For instance, the conditions include the delivery time and quality of service, the price point, free shipping condition, international shipping, free return and exchange policies, among other items. Let us begin with an open description of both brands of golf buggies available for sale in Australia.

A Brief Description of the Clicgear Buggy

Clicgear buggy brand has a local production store in the USA, which is relatively smaller than other stores. However, the products from this brand speak volumes about what users can enjoy. For instance, the brand beats other similar brands like the Golf Cart King, Golf Cart Tire Supple, Buggies Unlimited, and the rest. Clicgear buggy has an average rating of 4.2 from 9 different submitted ratings on the Knoji site.

A Brief Description of the Nomad Lane

Nomad lane is also an excellent brand to reckon with in the world of outdoor sports equipment in stores. Some competing brands include the Sports Academy, Davis Instruments, Pro Advantage Sports, and Hobbies. On the Knoji scale, the Nomad lance accrues an average score of 4.3 from 34 different submitted ratings. 

Pros and Cons of the Clicgear Buggy Brand


  • Buying the clicgear buggy brand ensures the golfer of discounts and special offers such as coupon codes for buyers across the world
  • Particularly, buyers from the US enjoy free shipping to anywhere within the US
  • In addition, clicgear buggy buyers from Australia also get to enjoy different payment options to add to the flexibility
  • The clicgear buggy brand is known for the best variety of pushcarts in Australia, both in colour and styles
  • A typical Clicgear buggy belongs to one of many models with a taste and suitability for various conditions. For instance, the iconic designer is based in Hong Kong. The company itself launches from the US while the products are distributed worldwide.


  • None of the clicgear buggy products is are available for affiliate marketing program sales. Meanwhile, the future clicgear buggy in the USA may decide to create affiliate marketing programs through their most recent agenda. 

Pros and Cons of the Nomad Lane


  • In the US, Nomad Lane has slightly more popularity and brand recognition than Clicgear. However, this argument does not hold water when it comes to the application and uses in Australia
  • Many retail stores that stock the Nomad Lane often give discounts and special offers to buyers, especially from the US. 
  • Buyers can get to enjoy multiple coupon codes that are still very active for the Nomad Lane brand for at least $5 or $10 off
  • One advantage that the Nomad lane has over the clicgear buggy model is their durable affiliate marketing programs. This program is also increasing in relevance, popularity and conversion to make sales.

Similarities between the Clicgear Buggy and the Nomad Lane Brands

Both brands give a measure of military discounts almost equally. For instance, if you, as a veteran, want to buy any of the products from both brands, you get a discount measure. In addition, they both also offer special conditions to students who need any of their products as long as you can prove your studentship. This special offer is significant to students who engage in the game of golf, for instance. They can be sure of a safe and affordable career when they pick the clicgear buggy brand.

Are there senior discount policies for golfers? Yes. However, it may be hard to tell which of the two brands does this well. More so, both model brands also have existing affiliate marketing programs for their products. Meanwhile, there is no doubt that clicgear products lead in the world of golf buggies with a careful design for each of these items. The most popular clicgear buggy models include model 4.0, 3.5+, and model 8.0+. Also, the manufacturer stocks up an enormous range of accessories that provides for other products.

Clicgear Buggies and Trolleys

The clicgear buggy brand products have a fantastic design with high-quality materials. Depending on the desired use, golfers can choose either the 3-wheel buggies like the 3.5+ model or the 4-wheel model 8.0 version. This brand is also trendy for a secure carriage for both clubs and the whole golf bag. For instance, if you choose the clicgear buggy of the 3.5+ model, you can be sure of ample space for storage and processing of use.

Clicgear Buggies and Trolleys

In addition, this clicgear buggy model also has a formidable strap system that is adjustable to the golfer’s desired level. It has a state-of-the-art braking system that ensures the device does not go out of control at any point in your round. Meanwhile, the modern brake system also provides that no level of stress is beyond management. At the same time, the presence of such system, together with some other accessory system including a light cup mount.

On the other hand, the latest model 8.0 of the clicgear buggy is one choice that becomes irresistible in your search. In this chosen range and brand of products, clicgear model 8 is the golfer’s cart with optimum performance in its latest components with leading technology. One of the notable qualities of the machine is the newly built balance that works for different kinds of golf course terrains. As against the earlier models with a single brake system, the model 8.0 clicgear buggy has a dual front brake system. This system is simply the icon of simplicity, control and easy manoeuvring under specific conditions. It also converts a wide opening of front wheels that adds to its stability. We are here to make you see that the clicgear buggy brand is an exceptional choice for a golf buggy.