Low Budget Marketing Ideas for a Small Golf Shop

When starting out as a business owner of a pro golf shop, one of the main issues is funding or capital to stock the business. Meanwhile, there might be other loose options that you may never find the fulfillment you need if you take. Therefore, business enthusiasts in need of funds should first think about how to use what he or she has to achieve what he or she desires to get. 

Marketing Ideas for a Small Golf Shop

  1. Be Bold

Needless to say that a small pro shop golf business may start with only you as the only staff. The idea is that you and you alone may be the only representation of your business. Being an embodiment of what the company stands for, you must be very bold. You must have the courage to tell anyone that cares to know, what your business is about, and why. Similarly, let every day be an opportunity to showcase and promote your business to the world.

Another step you may take is applying for business awards, which is another way people may learn about your business every year. When considering different aspects of a company such as running adverts, customer satisfaction, product or service delivery, etc., someone might put in a good word for you. Ask friends and family to nominate and vote for you, which may, in turn, be a marketing strategy on its own because you get people’s attention and interest.

  1. Develop social media presence

One of the most vital innovations in this century is social media. Entrepreneurs and virtually everyone have found a place where SM can serve them and bring outstanding results. If you can’t afford to create a website (which is no longer as complex and costly as it used to be), create social media accounts. By the way, there are free websites now that you can start with and still get good traffic that you can pull in later.

Alternatively, you can start a blog where you put out helpful information about your business line. When people read this information, they can be drawn to other things you have to offer while trusting your opinion. Meanwhile, it is possible to run a free blog as well and generate good traffic. A blog can also allow you to regularly put out your products and services, and people will return as far as they are confident that you have something valuable to share. The recommended social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

  1. Attract New Customers

There are great ways to attract new customers to your products and services in the pro golf shop. One of them is to offer free learning classes to amateur golfers to connect with them and build a community. In addition, design a logo and a tagline as part of your business brand that every resource from your shop will carry. Also, you can create brochures as a sales tool that every customer that walks into your shop can take with them. 

You can even design a cross-promotion with other related businesses to yours and share the costs of adverts. Cross-promotion can also build a form of synergy between both companies while introducing each other to participate in a joint venture. More so, your invoices may include promotional documents or send out sales letters through direct mail or cold calling emails. Some sites may even promote your business for free by placing free ads and promotions for you.

  1. Expand Your Network

Business growth is about growing the size of your network, and one way to do that is by asking for referrals. When you do, and people give you, you have initiated a chain of networks that can be truly infinite. However, people may still be giving you referrals unknowingly. Still, then you may not be able to measure what works and how to intensify it. Always look for ways to tell prospective clients about what you do and how you expect them to say good things about you.

On the other hand, when satisfied customers ask for what to give back in return, simply tell them to bring someone. When one customer gets one other customer, your number is actually increasing significantly in doubles. However, note that the best way to retain customers is by satisfying them at all times. New customers may require you to emphasize certain benefits that your store has significantly above all others. 

  1. Be proactive

Many things about building your business when you are on a low budget may involve being proactive. In other words, instead of waiting for customers to come to you to patronize your products, you can actually go to them and give them offers. You can also enroll for public events where people will hear about your business brand, especially in the locality. Alternatively, you should have a Google My Business Account page, which can help potential local customers find you.

Furthermore, a professional or business association can aid the growth of your business. Only that you have to play by their rules. These organizations are not only available in physical places, but you can connect with them online. I recommend search for business groups on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn, which includes business professionals. One fact is that you will get to make business contacts from such professional groups. Don’t forget to be a part of local events and trade fairs.

  1. Avoid Marketing Blunders

Many promoters and business owners make inevitable marketing blunders when running a campaign. One of the most common blunders would be inconsistency. No matter how much potential your marketing strategy may have, you may not see many results if you fail to be consistent with it. The reason is that consciously or unconsciously, something within people takes record of what they see continually. 

In addition, exaggeration is another matter that may drag the results of the supposed marketing plans down. Exaggeration is in terms of under-delivering when you overpromise. When you overrate the capacity of your business this way, it can lead to a loss of trust with your customers. And when confidence is punctured, you may never regain it. Worse still, as fast as word-of-mouth can spread the good news, it can also apply to bad ones.


Getting great results from marketing campaigns doesn’t have to be expensive, which is why this article addresses how to use a low budget to achieve excellent marketing results. Business owners must also respect the fact that simplicity and precision must accompany any form of marketing that you choose. When you consistently try the methods above, you should get results in no time.